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A Wonderful Pair of the “Old Line” Van Loons!

super663_FIXED_WEB_186“Super 663” (51663-AU-96-ARPU) Great breeding son of “048” and “083”. He was a great breeder for Campbell and Jim. Straight Planet Brothers breeding, he is the sire and grandsire of winners throughout the world.



“Blue Destiny” (0197-IF-99-F) This gorgeous blue hen is a daughter of 6145318-BELG-88 and 6145344-BELG-88. This fabulous pair was bred by Louis Van Loon of Poppel Belgium himself. This is his old line and is the same breeding behind “083, “048”, “049”, etc. This pair is responsible for winners at all levels, including 1st 1994 Midwest Convention. This super hen will be mated mostly to “Super 663” to preserve the old line Van Loons in my loft.

The Senna Line.  “De Senna” was a Van Loon who won 1st National Ace Middle Distance Pigeon of Holland in 1992 with the highest score in over 50 years. This gorgeous handling cock was imported by Campbell, purchased by Code 3 Loft at Campbell’s final sale and later sold to Hapyco Lofts of California. He is no longer fertile.

Sennas-Boy_FIXED_WEB_186Senna’s Boy (9962-AU-98-OHF) Direct son of “De Senna”. He has bred 12 X 1st for me and is the grandsire to many more.




“Senna’s Girl” (2393-AU-00-H) Direct daughter of “De Senna”.

“Senna’s Lady” (0116-AU-01-H) Direct daughter of “De Senna”.

“Ace” (1454-AU-99-GS) He is a son of “Senna’s Clone” and “My Girl” who were one of my all time favorite breeding pairs. This is a combination of “De Senna” and “Super 73” breeding that includes such greats as “Bold Ruler”, “049” and “083”. “Ace” won 5 X 1st including a 1st @ 500 miles. He is an AU Champion and won 4th National Marathon Ace Pigeon.

“Ace’s Princess” (5335-AU-04-GS) She is a daughter of “Ace” when mated to his grandmother “Sister Senna” (full sister of “De Senna”).

“Senna’s Surprise” (39827-AU-02-APRU) Grizzle Cock. Hapyco Loft had placed this bird at the Chicago Snowfest Auction. After handling him and studying his pedigree, I brought him home. He was the only bird I bought. Both his sire and dam are direct children of “De Senna”, with one being from a Super 73 line hen and the other grand dam being a daughter of “Bingo” (thus the grizzle coloration). This cock will be mated to Van Loon hens.

Van Loons are $500 and up depending on the mating.

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