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Site last updated on 11/15/2013


We have added an excellent family of Tourniers. We won 1st Long Distance Champion Bird club and combine  with a straight Tournier cock in 2010 Old Birds. He won 1st 250 miles, 1st 400 miles and 1st 500 miles in a 3 week period. These are not only tough birds but beautiful as well! The dam to the  Champion Bird has been Champion Bird of Show 2 times!

Here are three of our cocks and something about the family background:

Grand Slam” is the sire of an AU Elite Champion who was 5 times 1st.



"Marathon Man" is a son of Jimmy Brands cock "Messeuw". The "Messeuw" was the only day bird in the Antwerp Union twice. And was also  the 5th Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance Antwerp Union and KBDB. He has  bred winners at all distances.



"Vindication" is a son of Jimmy Brands cock "Tamme". The "Tamme" was 1st Ace Pigeon extreme Long Distance Antwerp Union and KBDB. He is a  nephew of the "Messeuw" and "Grizje". "Vindication" has bred many  winners including a daughter who was 1st at 500 miles being one of only 5 day birds.



"Mr. Dependable" is Combine Champion Long Distance Bird, 1st AU Champion All Utah Long Distance, AU Elite Champion and five times first.





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