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Site last updated on 11/15/2013

avenger_FIXED_WEB_186Christopher Loft’s Dazzling Dozen of the Avenger Line! A superb breeder, “Avenger” was the sire of 1st National Ace Pigeon “Fire Fox”, grandsire of 1st National Ace Pigeon “Campbell”, sire of 4th New England Open and many more. Perhaps more importantly, this son of “Super 2778” he has been an exceptional breeder of breeders. This incredible line of birds has been carefully bred, continually tested and kept uncrossed at Christopher Loft. Individual birds from this line are $3000.

“Avenger’s Clone” (2815-AU-00-RRV) He was the 2nd highest selling bird in Jim’s final auction, @ $28,000. this great son of “Avenger” and “Missy” is in Jim’s words, “One of the two best ever produced at America’s Dream Loft.” He has bred numerous winners.

Avengers-Shadow_FIXED_WEB_186Avenger’s Shadow (10310-AU-99-OHF) Son of “Avenger” and the dam of “Missy” (2418-AU-88-WWC). This super cock was bred by Campbell and purchased by Jim. He was responsible for 11 x 1st when Jim bought him. He has since produced many more.




“Avenger’s Gold” (3373-AU-03-GS) Son of “Avenger” and “Golden Girl” who was the #1 Van Loon hen for Fran Miller, prior to my purchasing her. She is planet Van Loon bred by Campbell and bred many big winners for Fran.

Avenger's-Dream_186Avenger’s Dream (3390-AU-03-GS) The best son of “Avenger” and “Missy” produced at Christopher Loft. He was the sire of the 2006 Vegas Classic winner (winning over $40,000) and the 2007 Spirit of Colorado 200 mile winner.



“Avenger’s Double” (3621-AU-03-GS) Son of “Avenger” and “Missy’s Revenge” (daughter of “Avenger” and “Missy”).This may be the best son of “Avenger” bred at Christopher Loft.

“Avenger’s Girl” (3379-AU-03-GS) Best hen produced by Christopher Loft from “Avenger”. The dam is “Missy’s Revenge”.

“Avenger’s Princess” (2093-AU-00-RRV) Daughter of “Avenger” and “Missy”. This is the hen Jim said I had to have. Responsible for numerous winners.

“Avenger’s 88” (2559-AU-02-RRV) Daughter of “Avenger” and “Super 88” (daughter of “Senna” and “083”). This was another “must” per Jim. She is beautiful! And, she has bred many breeders of winners.

“Avenger’s Miss” (2072-AU-00-RRV) Daughter of “Avenger” and “Super 88” (daughter of “Senna” and “083”).

“Avenger’s Boy” (3380-AU-03-GS) Son of “Avenger” and “Missy’s Revenge” (the great breeding daughter of “Avenger” and “Missy”).

“Avenger’s Revenge” (0137-AU-01-RRV) Another top breeder and son of “Avenger” and “Missy”.

“Avenger’s Lady” (11255-AU-99-OHF) Daughter of  “Avenger” and “6796” (daughter of “049” and a grand daughter of “083”). Bred by Campbell, this super hen produces winners every year.

Campbell Line

campbell_FIXED_WEB_186“Campbell” (1431-AU-99-GS) He won 8 X 1st for me including 2 X 1st at 600 miles. In 2002 he won 1st North American Ace Pigeon Long Distance and Overall. In his first year of breeding (from only 5 birds flown) he was responsible for 1st Champion Bird RMR Club, 2nd Champion Bird GS Club, 1st Rocky Mountain Futurity and 1st Team, Colorado Gold Rush. A grandson won 3 X 1st @ 500 miles. He is a son of “Avenger Jr.” and “Hekkenchamp”.


“Colletta’s Dream” (0124-AU-98-ANT) 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance.She is a daughter of “Chantilly Lace”, the great daughter of “Super 2778”. Her sire is an “083” bred Van Loon. Children from the mating of “Campbell” and “Colletta’s Dream” are $1500.

“Derek” (143X-AU-99-GS) An AU Champion, he is the nestmate of “Campbell”. Now owned by Rod Hutchings (Paradise Loft, AZ).

We are also breeding from a full sister of “Campbell”, as well as 2 daughters and 2 daughters of “Derek”. Birds directly off “Campbell” are $1000 (except when he is mated to “Colletta’s Dream”. Birds off his brother or sister are $500.

Ken-5254_190“Campbell’s Best” (5254-AU-04-ARPU) This direct son of “Campbell” won 2nd Champion Bird and 2nd equal 1st Golden Spike Futurity. He has bred 1st 300 and 1st 500 miles plus many equal 1st and diplomas.sisters won 1st Champion Team Colorado Gold Rush 2004. View Pedigree.



Campbells-Clone_186Campbell’s Clone(6152-AU-06-GS)





Other “Super 73” Van Loons!

Mr-Magic-Jr_186Mr Magic Jr(0408-AU-08-GS) Two time Combine Champion Bird, AU Elite Champion and Seven times 1st. Van Loon Hofken breeding.




Double-Return_FIXED_WEB_186“Double Return” (4831-AU-94-OHF) Son of “2778” and “Quick Lady” This great cock has been a super breeder for me since 1999, breeding winners every year (at all distances 100 to 600 miles). Now owned by Rod Hutchings (Paradise Loft, AZ). I am breeding from six of his best children.



Texas-Magic_FIXED_WEB_186“Texas Magic” (4905-AU-94-OHF) Also a great breeder for Christopher Loft. Son of “2778” and “132”, he is a full brother of “Magic Maker”. Grandsire of 1st Vegas Connection race and 1st 2005 Champion Bird Chicago for Jim Gabler. Grandsire to 1st RMR Futurity 2004 for me, plus many more. Now owned by Rod Hutchings (Paradise Loft, AZ). I am breeding from  six of his best children as well.


“Bold Ruler Jr.” (0030-AU-99-CODE3) Bred by Code 3 Lofts, he is the sire of winners with several hens. His sire is a direct son of “Bold Ruler” (full brother of “2778” which was “Super 73” x “083”) when mated to his famous daughter “Secretariat” (she won 1st USA Ace Pigeon in the highest category. She was 1st concourse at the 500 and twice at the 600 all in the same year. She was 1st Champion Bird of the club, concourse and combine in 1992 vs 139 lofts.) “Bold Ruler Jr.” is the product of a brother x sister mating and so on the dam’s side we again have “Bold Ruler” x “Secretariat”. This is quite a breeding package!

“Hercules Jr” (10548-AU-99-OHF) Direct son of “Hercules” (full brother of “Avenger”). This cock is a great breeder, breeding winners every year since 1999.

“Miss Hercules” (11009-AU-99-OHF) Daughter of “Hercules”. She bred 3 X 1st from her first 4 eggs laid!

Double-Miss_186Double Miss(5374-AU-04-GS) Daughter of “Double Return” and “Bold Princess”. She is the dam of 12th Snowbird 2006, 1st and 2nd FVC Concourse 2006 and equal 1st Vegas 2007 330 miles.




Ken-3697_190“Bold Prince” (3697-AU-03-GS) This son of Double Return” and “Bold Princess” has been a great breeder of winners and breeders. Sire of many winners and grand sire of many more including 1st Southwest Special and 1st Gulf Coast Classic. View Pedigree.

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