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Site last updated on 11/15/2013

Red-Iron_186Red Iron (9806-AU-09-GS) Combine champion Bird, AU Champion and seven times first.




Miss-Aristicrat_186Miss Aristicrat (3800-AU-03-GS) She is a double grand daughter of “Mr. Aristona” and was the dam of 1st Vegas Classic 2006, winning over $40,000. She also bred 1st Spirit of Colorado in 2007.



Blue-Fox_FIXED_WEB_186Blue Fox (9439-AU-98-OHF) His sire is a son of “Vale Romein” and “De 5000”. HIs dam is a daughter of “Mr. Aristona” and “De 5000”. He has the best of the old Red Fox Janssens in him. He has bred winners with several hens, including an equal 1st in the King’s Cup 300 mile race.


“Double Trouble” (0010-AU-01-ADL) Direct son of “Mr. Aristona”, 1991 1st National Ace Middle Distance Pigeon of Holland. His dam is “Mrs. Hekkenklak”, sister of “De Hekkenklak”, 1992 1st Niddle Distance Ace Pigeon of Holland. “Double Trouble” was a top breeder for Jim and he is doing the same for me.

“Quick Draw Jr.” (10749-AU-99-OHF) Son of “Quick Draw”, the fastest bird in the world. (420 miles, 2755.138 YPM, the fastest recorded speed at any distance, official record). Dam of “Quick Draw Jr.” is an inbred direct daughter of “Rode Vos 75”.

Schalies-Girl_FIXED_WEB_186Schalie’s Girl (10682-AU-99-OHF) A direct daughter of “Vos Schalie”, the best racing Red Janssen in the world. Dam to 4 x 1st and grand dam to many more.



“Miss Schalie” (10749-AU-99-OHF) A direct daughter of “Vos Schalie”, the best racing Red Janssen in the world.

“Miss Aristocrat” (3800-AU-03-GS) Triple linebred to “Mr. Aristona”. A great breeder.

Camphius-Hen_FIXED_WEB_186Camphius Hen (1742805-NL-96) 1st vs 10,124, 8th vs 7,415, etc. This is the hen Campbell bought specifically to mate to “Vos Schalie”. She is the granddam of 4 1st place combine winners in 2004 alone in Texas, California, Utah and Canada. We are also breeding from two of her best sons and two daughters.


Red Fox birds are priced from $250 to $500 depending on mating.

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