Hekkenklak - He was the 1992 1st National Ace Pigeon of all Holland. He is now sire and grandsire to countless winners including champion birds, futurity winners, AU Champion Hall of Fame winners and National Champions. Christopher Loft has spared no expense to acquire the best available.

Super 73 - We are as strong a loft as any in the world in the Super 73 Van Loon family. In 2002 we purchased “Avenger”, the super breeding sire of 1st National Ace “Fire Fox” and grandsire of 1st National Ace “Campbell”. This same year we also purchased the great hen “Missy”. “Avenger’s” half brothers “Texas Magic” and ”Double Return” have also been great breeders for us. In 2004 we purchased the great hen and 1st Ace Pigeon long distance “Colletta’s Dream” as a special mate for “Campbell”.

Van Loons - We are breeding from several direct children of the famous “Senna” (1992 1st National Ace Pigeon middle distance for all Holland, with the highest score in over 50 years) as well as the very special pair of  “Super 663” (Planet Brothers “048” x” 083”) and “Blue Destiny” (off two 1988 birds bred by Louis Van Loon).

Red Fox Janssens - These Red Fox birds were some of Campbell’s favorites. They have stood the test of time and are a great cross for almost any family; Beauty, Brains and Speed!

Something New - To stay on top of the game, Christopher Loft is always on the lookout for something special.

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