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Christopher Loft’s Elite Eight!

“Hekken Clone” (0104-AU-01-ADL) He was the high selling bird in Jim’s final auction, selling for $30,100. He is a direct son of “De Hekkenklak” when mated to his best daughter “Hekkenchamp”. Per Jim “Hekken Clone” may the best he ever raised from”Hekkenklak” or even the best ever raised at America’s Dream Loft. Direct children are $1000.

“Hekkken Dream” (2561-AU-02-ADL) A son of “Hekkenklak” and when bred to his full sister, the great breeder, “Mrs. Hekkenklak”. “Hekken Dream” was also highly recommended by Jim. He looks exactly like his sire. Direct children are $500.

“Hekken Blue” (2554-AU-02-RRV) Also a son of “Hekkenklak” and “Mrs. Hekkenklak”. He and “Hekken Dream” were two that Jim said I had to have. They are supers! Direct children are $500.

“Hekken 2059” (2059-AU-98-GS) Son of “Hekken Bro” (full brother of “Hekkenklak”) and “Hekken Zachte” (daughter of “Hekkenklak”). “Hekken 2059” was originally raised by Christopher Loft and sent to my good friend Chuck Hennessey of Nebraska, where he bred many winners and futurity money winners. Upon Chuck’s passing, I brought him home. He is a super breeder. Direct children are $500.

shirley_small1Shirley(11053-AU-99-OHF) Direct daughter of “Hekkenklak”. This is one of “Hekkenklak’s” best daughters. I sold Jim “Hekken Champ”, “Hekken Zachte”, “Hekken Bro” and others, but this is the one hen I would not sell him. He tried to buy her several times. I have owned 13 sons, daughters, brothers and sisters of “Hekkenklak” and this hen is the best, with only “Hekkenchamp” being her equal. Dam and grand dam of many 1st place winners. Direct children are $500.

“Hekken Princess” (0079-AU-01-ADL) Direct daughter of “Hekkenklak” when he was paired with “Hekken Glory”, another of his famous daughters. This little hen is gold. Direct children are $500.

“Hekken Magic” (2554-AU-03-MAGIC) This beautiful hen is a daughter of Bobby Gonzalez’s super pair “Hekken Boy” and “Sis Hekkenklak” (full brother and sister of “Hekkenklak”. Direct children are $500.

Last but not least,mrs_hekkenklak_small
Mrs. Hekkenklak(6897-AU-96-OHF) Full sister of “Hekkenklak” (none better, per Jim). Direct children are $1000.

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