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We will be listing a few birds as they are available and as we have time to post them. Please call if you have an interest, since we sometimes have birds even when none are listed. These are top quality birds, many of which would not ordinarily be for sale, but we have to make room. Here is a chance for you to get some of the very best breeders that can be found in the sport:

We also will sometimes offer birds on .

Sorry, but all the birds below have been sold:

3361_pic_1503361-AU-03-GS BC Cock Proven son of “Campbell” $2500 Medium size foundation quality bird. He has been a top breeder for  us. Only available as we have bought Campbell back and will be replacing some of our older breeders with young ones. You can't go wrong with  this guy he will found your loft. On any hen of top quality I would send his children to any race in the world and expect them to do well. He is a very tame cock who will come out of his box to play with you. Fills  all his eggs and should for several years as both his sire and his nestmate are still filling at 12 years of age. He would be priced much higher if he  were a bit younger. View Pedigree.

154_pic_150154-AU-11-GS BB Hen Kannibaal $450 GS-154/11 BB hen Inbred Kannibaal Medium size great feather eye and wing well balanced with a one pin tail. Her nestmate a cock is also available. View Pedigree.




142_pic_150.142-AU-11-GS Grizzle Hen Tournier $700 Medium size, a perfect 10 hen! Her dam is a 2 time Champion Bird in the  shows and only showed twice. A full brother won Champion bird WFA show last  week. And most important a full brother was 2010 Champion Bird 1st AU Long  Distance Champion for Utah and in 2011 won his AU Elite Champion . 2  times 1st 500, 1st 400, 1st 350, 1st 300 plus more several other brothers and sisters are race winners and have bred race winners. A grizzle cock from this same mating is also available. View Pedigree.


222_pic_150222-AU-10-GS BB Cock Van Loon $700 SOLD Medium size, well balanced with great feather and a one pin tail. Very nice dark orange/yellow eye. Bred from 2 supers! His sire has bred an AU Elite Champion plus much  more. His dam bred 2 times equal 1st  Colorado Gold Rush plus 7th AU Convention - this with 3 different cocks. Both have also bred many top  breeders. View Pedigree.


277_pic_150277-AU-10-GS BB Cock Van Loon $600 SOLD Medium size, well balanced, great feather with a one pin tail and a very nice dark red/pearl eye. Bred from our best. He should be a great breeder of 300 to 400 mile young birds and 500 mile old birds. These Van Loons are great all around birds which have no trouble with the tough ones. View Pedigree.


170_150170-AU-10-GS BC Cock Van Loon $1200 SOLD Medium size, well balanced, great feather with a one pin tail and a  very nice red/pearl eye. His eye and himself are the image of his sire, Avenger's Dream who has bred 1st Vegas Classic, eq 1st Spirit of  Colorado, 1st Empire Classic, 3rd Spirit of Colorado and 80th South  African Million Dollar race. All of this with only 6 children ever sent from him. This one is highly inbred Avenger line - they are winning in all the big races today. He is a foundation quality bird!!! View Pedigree.

269_150269-AU-09-GS BC Cock Van Loon $1000 SOLD Medium size, great feather, balance and wing with tight vents, a one  pin tail and a very good dark orange/yellow eye. He is a 10! This is the  type that breed and fly the 300 to 400 mile futurities so well. His sire and dam are both top producers for us. Both have also bred many children  who are great producers for others. I believe this one can be your next  foundation bird. View Pedigree.


0185_pic_150185-IF-07-PS BC Cock Primo Devriendt $750 SOLD Medium small super nice feather, balance and eye. He is sire to 1st 250  miles and 1st 400 miles plus several other diploma winners for us.  Inbred Devriendt Primo pair. Crosses great on our Van Loons for those  tough one loft and futurity races. View Pedigree.


9845_pic_1509845-AU-2009-GS BC Cock Van Loon  $1000 SOLD Medium size, well balanced, great feather & wing, with a very nice dark red/pearl eye. Should be a foundation cock breeding 300 to 400 mile youngbirds. View Pedigree.



3680_pic_1503680-AU-03-GS BC Cock Janssen / Van Loon $3000 SOLD Medium/large super feather, eye and wing. He is a proven breeder, being both sire and grand sire to winners. At least 3 brothers are  foundation breeders having bred winners out to and including 600 miles.  A half brother (same sire) bred 1st National Marathon Ace pigeon  winning 3 times 1st 500 mile in one year. A half sister (same sire) has  bred 7 futurity money winners for Jones Boys. Another 1st Spring Break 300 for Hank Porter. 2 sisters 1st Champion team Colorado Gold Rush. 2  times 1st Champion Bird for us plus much more. Sire “Campbell” was 1st  National Ace pigeon Long Distance and Overall. He was recently sold to Jim  Gabler who is selling children of “Campbell” starting at $7500 each. If  you need a foundation cock that can go the distance, here he is! View Pedigree.

31_pic_15031-AU-05-DWI BB Hen Hofken $750 SOLD Medium/small silky feather one pin tail with great balance wing and eye. She is inbred to 1st National Ace pigeon “Hollywood”. 31 is a great  breeder - she is already dam to 1st Champion Bird club and combine 2008 young birds. And a daughter bred 1st Champion Bird club and combine 2009 old birds. View Pedigree.


9829_pic_1509829-AU-09-GS BBPD Hen Van Loon $1200 SOLD
Beautiful hen. Medium size, well balanced, with silky feathers, a one pin tail and a super nice dark breeding eye. She is a full sister to my bird that just flew 80th in South Africa. This bird beat all the well known U.S. Lofts who in most cases shipped many more birds then our 3. Her sire bred 1st Vegas Classic winning over $40,000.00 eq. 1st Spirit of Colorado and eq. 1st Empire State Classic. Her dam is a hen I bought back who has bred many winners and breeders of winners. If you want futurity winners breed this little hen to any good cock. View Pedigree.

9852_pic_1509852-AU-09-GS BC Cock Van Loon $400 SOLD
Medium size, well balanced, nice wing and eye. He is a highly inbred to our 1st National Ace long distance bird Campbell. With his sire being a son of Campbell x Coletta's Dream also a 1st National Ace long distance bird. His dam bred 1st Grainbelt Classic. She is from a full brother x sister mating from Derek AU Champion and full brother to Campbell x Sister Campbell. This one should be a foundation bird. View Pedigree.


9902_pic_1509902-AU-09-GS BBWFSP Cock Hofkens $300 SOLD
Medium size. Feather is pure silk. Well balanced with a super nice dark violet eye. His sire is a double gr. son of History Maker, Mike Ganus’s favorite Hofkens cock. His dam a 1/2 sister of History Maker and a daughter of the Dream. This hen bred winners with several cocks for us. These Hofkens birds have been a super cross on our Van Loons. With both our 2008 1st Champion Young Bird and our 2009 1st Champion old bird being from this cross. Foundation quality cock.  View Pedigree.

9948_pic_1509948-AU-09-GS BB Hen Van Loon $1000 SOLD
Medium size, well balanced with a super eye. She is a direct daughter of our Avenger's Shadow cock and will be one of the last as he was sold to China this year. This is the best of our Van Loons which have bred winners at all levels for us and our customers. Including 1st Vegas Classic-1st U.S. Open-1st Gulf Coast Classic-Ist Colorado Gold Rush-1st Spring Break- 1st WOW -1st Spirit of Colorado plus much more. Super little hen will help your breeding program. View Pedigree.


0544_pic_1500544-AU-08-GS BC Hen Van Loon $1000 SOLD
A super nice daughter of Avenger's Shadow and Blue Destiny, both super breeders. Again there will be very few more of these as Avenger's Shadow was sold to China. She is medium size, very strong with great balance, feather and a super nice dark breeding eye just like her sire. You won't have a better hen in your loft! View Pedigree.


9933_pic_1509933-AU-09-GS BC Cock De Klak Janssen $400  SOLD
Medium size, well balance, great feather with a nice dark red/pearl eye. He is highly inbred to De Hekkenklak the 1992 1st Overall Ace pigeon of All Holland. His sire Hekken Dream is a son of De Hekkenklak. Hekken Dream bred eq. 1st Vegas 330-eq. 1st Jackpot 400- 1st and 2nd FVC concourse and 12th Snowbird. The 4 gr. parents to this bird include Hekkenklak himself and a full brother and 2 full sisters to Hekkenklak. Foundation quality De Klak cock. View Pedigree.


9884_pic_1509884-AU-09-GS BRBB Cock Hofkens Janssen $350 SOLD
Medium size, well balanced, one pin tail with a nice dark red eye. He is highly inbred to Hollywood, with his sire being a direct son when Hollywood was mated to his daughter from Breeders Best (Hollywood’s dam). The dam of 9884 is a double gr. daughter of Hollywood. She bred our 2008 1st Champion Bird (when crossed on one of our Van Loons). The sire of 9884 is the gr. sire of our 2009 1st Champion Bird (when crossed on one of our Van Loons). We also have a Recessive Red full brother to this cock who is available for $500. View Pedigree.



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