Gene and Cathy Hill “Ken hope all is well FYI again GS 126/2010 hen has produced the high  point club bird in the Geo club this year it is out of a different cock  and I held it back one race due to weather it flew consistent THANKS”

Charlie Barbiere “This morning I picked up from the post office -11-GS-243 BBH from you  which was purchased off IPIGEON. I can say she is everything you  described on the listing and MORE!!! I am very pleased, feel free to use  my name as a testimonial about you & your quality birds.”

Kristie Pugsley 1st Golden Spike Futurity (handler Reggie Pugsley). Bred from our Campbell and Red Fox lines.

Chris Rounds flying 100% Christopher Loft Birds had 1st Champion Bird, 1st Champion Loft, 2nd Average Speed and 1st five champion birds for his Lincoln Nebraska club.

Another customer reports winning 2 times 1st 500 miles and 4th Mercedes Classic bred from a son of  Campbell x Shirley and a daughter of Chantilly Prince x Avgenger 88.

Greg Stevens Champion Bird DWI Club 2010 with our Janssen line.

Vince Xiong 1st Federation 210 miles with 331-AU-08-GS.

Bruce Nycamp “Golden Silver” 5321-AU-04-ARPU is off a son of the Camphius hen and is the sire of 13 first place finishers.
Strange-One_350Bruce also bred the 1st Ace Long Distance Pigeon, “Strange One” off a pair of birds from Christopher Loft. The sire is a son of “Campbell” and the dam is an inbred “Hekkenklak”.






Jim L. Sears - These birds are fantastic!! They made the trip in great shape. You really picked me out some nice ones! Your care and health program has got to be out of this world. The feather quality and overall health of your birds is "Top Shelf". Ken, thank you for sending such quality.

Chris Kumar - “If people could all see the quality of this hen, there would be a cause for a new pricing regime. I will buy from you again, guaranteed. Thank you again.

Dave Shewmaker (Shewmaker Genetics) - “I guess in a business sense we are competitors since we both sell breeding stock. I never ever think of you in those terms though. You are a tremendous credit to the sport, a man of great integrity, a friend and most importantly to the people who are reading this web page, the birds you sell are simply among the finest available anywhere in the world today. It is possible today to get an occasional great bargain on some of the internet auction sites, but what people get from you with seemingly every purchase, are birds of exceptional quality at a fraction of the price they are worth. I have seen your $300 birds and your $1000+ birds. Without exception they have been outstanding and verify what I have just said. There are lots of ways to build a quality loft, but here is some advice for your visitors - ‘not only should you consider Ken Christopher first, but if you can, try to buy his higher priced birds. As great a value as the lower priced ones are, the value just seems to get better and better the higher up his price list you go. I would go so far as to say most people would be better of with two of Ken’s “foundation quality” birds than everything else they might purchase over three or four years - they are that good.’”

Charles Giles - “My post office called me this mourning at six thirty. Both birds are in perfect shape and are a dream to hold. The little hen is far better than I expected. Ken thanks for the quality of pigeons you sent me.”

Ronnie McClure - “I don't know if you remember, but back in 2003 I purchased a son (AU-03-GS-3644) off of Campbell mated to Shirley and a daughter (AU-03-GS-3377) off of Kanon's Schalie mated to Shirley. To try and make a long story short, 3377 has been a fair breeder, raising a few birds to score in the top 10% of the concourse, but 3644 is down right awesome. He's been mated to 5 or 6 different hens and consistently produces birds that place in the top positions. Not only that, I've got 2 sons I'm breeding from, and they might turn out to be great breeders as well. This year in 07 young birds he bred 2 concourse winners  and several other birds to place in the top 5%-10% of the concourse, plus the 6th place champion bird of the concourse. Each of his 2 sons bred the 7th and 10th champion bird of the concourse. To date he's bred 6 first place in the club and 3 first place in the concourse, plus at least 20 to 25 birds to score in the top 10% of the concourse, some several times. What makes this so great is that I  fly all by my self. I'm on the north end of the concourse, 20+ miles from  the nearest flyer.  Well I didn't mean to take up so much time, but you gave me a bird that really made a difference. Thanks so much.”

Bruce Nykamp - “Ken: Won 1st and 2nd @ 336 miles. First was a Campbell line hen and 2nd =1st was off my Vegas King x  Camphius on a Janssen base hen who was champion YB in  2001. The 2nd place bird was champion young bird 2006 IWC. I also won champion loft. My son of Vegas King X Camphius, (is) now named "The Golden Silver". This cock is quickly proving to be one of the most prepotent breeders I have ever had. In his two years breeding he was mated to 4 hens. He has bred 1st place race winners with 3 of the 4 hens so far. The 4th hen was with him for one round, only one of the two eggs hatched.

Noel C. Certain (Certain Loft USA) - “Any one whom has been in the sport for the last decade or so Knows Christopher loft is one of the top Lofts in the USA. If you go back to the old racing bulletins since the early 90's Ken has flown like a champion Dominating his club and Combine. Their is no doubt Christopher loft has the largest collection of OHF originals that are scoring for Kenny and his customers each year. Most importantly, I have had the privilege to work with Ken Christopher in 2001 in " THE AMERICAN PREMIER AUCTION". Kenny is honest , and one of the greats in the sport today. He deals honestly and from the Heart. He is one of the Diamonds in the sport. And his knowledge on breeding and racing is invaluable to anyone who is entering the sport. To ONE of the Best In the Sport best wishes and continued success in all you do.”

Orlando Martinez (OJ Loft) - “Ken I have used you as an example as one of the most honest guys in the pigeon game. A very good friend of mine ... just got birds from you. I told him that’s the best money he ever spent, and I meant it. I was with Chris Peaman 2 weeks ago ... I also told him that you were the one guy I would buy birds from with my eyes CLOSED!”

Joyce Russell (California) - “I just received the hen GS 3645 by Campbell and out of OHF 11053...I recall several months ago when I received the two Vegas King babies from you I emailed you and said these were the 2 strongest pigeons coming out of a mailing box that I have ever received. Well, now you can add GS 3645 to that list... Again, I thank you for raising the best.”

Bruce Nykamp After over a decade of doing pigeon business with Ken Christopher I have found the following.
-  He is a very talented breeder and flyer of racing pigeons.
-  He knows what’s good and has world class breeding stock.
-  He culls the obviously bad ones.
-  He is fair and honest.
-  He is a great ambassador for the sport.
I highly recommend Ken Christohpher for your stock bird needs. He may not be the biggest, but he is right up there with the best.”

Jim Gabler (America’s Dream Loft) “... you have some of the very best of the Van Loons , Hekkenklaks, Red Janssens and Devrients in the world. I appreciate the gift bird you gave me this year down off the Van Loons which won first and best bird in my club for young birds this year. (You are) a true and honest friend of the sport that everyone can trust. Your successes in flying - All American, National 1st place Long Distance Ace Pigeon (“Campell”) coupled with your 100's of club and combine wins just highlights the quality of the birds. You are a true credit to the sport that everyone can trust and thank you for being my friend.”.

Mike (Lucky Strike Loft) - “Received the Birds ... great looking and handles even better. Your health and feeding program must be outstanding, for birds to be in a shipping container for a day and a half and look and feel as they do. That is what I seek on shipping day. You are truly blessed to have such stock, which I know came at a great price.  I look forward to future purchases.”

Hank Porter (Val Star Lofts, Delta, CO) - “Since the year 2000, we have bought 20 birds from Ken Christopher. Those birds have been outstanding and we have appreciated every one of them. They have contributed to our breeder loft considerably. Without a doubt, birds from the Christopher Loft are of top quality, prices that are reasonable and birds that are healthy. In our opinion, Ken Christopher has the BEST breeding loft in the USA!!”

Shewmaker Genetics - “Many thanks for the fine birds you have sold to me over the past few years. Your combination of value, quality and integrity are as good as any to be found in the racing pigeon world - anywhere!! Feel free at any time to have your prospective customers contact me for a reference.”

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