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Site last updated on 11/15/2013

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campbell_FIXED_WEB_186He’s Back! We have brought “Campbell” back to our lofts! This great breeding cock who was 1st North  American Ace Long Distance and Overall Ace Pigeon in 2002 was sold to ADL three years ago. He is still filling eggs, so we will be selling a couple of his proven children as we will be replacing them with younger ones. Contact us if you are interested.



vegas_classic1st_25010 Futurity Firsts in 50 Days in 2006!!!

Why so many futurity winners? Because we raise and sell only the best. It is particularly important to understand that we did not attain these results by putting large numbers of  birds into each race. The average entry size of our 2006 futurity entries was a little less than 4 with an average of 3 going to the race. Results like this can only be the result of superior genetics.

The vast majority of our birds are going to be offered for sale only on this site. Some may go quickly, so please get in touch with me soon if you find something you are interested in.

 For those of you who are new to our site, let me tell you something about our program. We raise honest birds that we sell for a fair and honest price. Some of the birds we sell may appear rather expensive, but you have to understand that these are birds for which we have paid tens of thousands of dollars for their ancestors. These birds represent the top of the sport and there are very few like them in the world. We have many others though that are priced as low as $300 that represent a tremendous value. In many ways, these are the best birds to buy since they are well bred and just waiting to be proven out. Whatever bird or birds you buy, you can be sure I will stand behind them. Be sure to read what some of our customers have said about our birds and read about the results of the birds we sell. To me, these are more important than anything I can say.

For those of you who are new to our site, let me tell you something about our birds. Christopher Loft has one of the very best collections of Campbell Strange (original Oak Haven Loft) birds in the world today. Many of the birds of Jim Gabler’s American Dream Loft (ADL) came from our loft. We began in 1988 working with Campbell to build a loft of champions, based on his famous lines. These birds have never let me down, winning 100’s of awards for Christopher Loft and now many more for my customers.

Some of the key birds in our program have include “Avenger”,  “Colleen”, “Hekken Clone”, “Avenger’s Clone”, “Coletta’s Dream” (1st National Ace Pigeon for Lou Colletta and a daughter of “Chantilly Lace”), “Super 663” (son of 048 and 083), and one of my favorites “Avenger’s Shadow”, (son of “Avenger” and 2418 who was a great breeder for Campbell and the dam of “Missy”, “Sissy” and many other great pigeons). We have many others which you can read about here on our web site.

Matings can be made per your request with a 25% deposit. All birds are guaranteed to please or your money back. Shipping is $40 per box.

Please visit often and feel free to contact us at any time about your breeding stock needs. Thanks for your consideration!

      Yours in the Sport,

Ken Christopher
Tremonton, UT 84337
Phone: (435) 230-4661

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